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Uly Paya is an Austrian painter, writer, musician, filmmaker, surrealist, teacher, philosopher, physicist and dream reader. He was born in Malawi in Central Africa to development helpers and due to this he had to travel a lot. He also changed schools for 8 times.

Uly has always been "painting his life". Sometimes it takes years to finish an artwork. His artwork list totals now more than 580 single artworks. He invented about 5 different individual styles and he never is painting series. Uly took part in many international exhibitions between 1994 and 2004. Due to the immense commercialization of painting and art he rarely is exhibiting now.

Uly wrote several books. His first book he wrote in the age of 21 and the topic was "death".

As an musician he produced 5 CDs like "open yourself" with his pheric rock band "The Window".

Furthermore he made some artistic films like surreal "time synchronicity" and "cognitionsfruits" which was shown for the first time at the Museums Quarter in Vienna in 2004.

Uly founded the academy "philosophizing with children, youngsters and adults" in Vienna in 2010. He is still is very curious in life itself but especially in physics, i.e. black holes, time dilation or his favourite question: "What is space?"


Uly Paya, Vienna
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