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“I've created a lot of different things in my life like the biggest cat on the roof of a house in Vienna. Most of it comes deep from my soul without asking for it. Some people will probably call it "art". But what is art? Isn't it all that we humans and life itself can express? For myself I have managed to integrate all my creations into my private and professional way of life and to work on my mindfulness and authenticity when I encounter my constantly changing self almost every day... "






"cat on the roof", Vienna, 2013



"cognition-church", manifest and design, South-Carinthia





"The Tragedy of Light"

("Der Tragödie Licht")
Uly Paya, 2018

"The Tragedy of Light" is a poem and is about Mephisto, who wants to free himself from darkness. The poem, written in the spirit of Goethe, took over two decades to be completed in 2018.

Faust III





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cognition holding couple,
family ring design, 1998




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