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After 30 years of painting, my list of works now includes hundrets of individual pieces. Several independent styles have emerged. Painting has always been a way of life for me. It is not uncommon for a painting to take a long time. I don't paint series that are suitable for the art market and for selling. They are unique pieces that sometimes have a long history. I am also not interested in decorating or beautifying walls. It's always a diary and it's usually very personal. I haven't exhibited for around 15 years and have completely withdrawn from the art market. I was never interested in sales. I always wanted to be free from this rating.


 Nr. 540, "the magic sphere", 2022, 130 x 100cm


Nr. 477,"blue sphere"
171 x 100 cm, 2012, mixed on canvas, framed



Nr. 485,"the inner demon"
 100 x 100 cm, 2015, mixed on canvas, framed



Nr. 397,"Who am I?"
50 x 92 cm, 2009, mixed on styrofoam, framed



Nr.479,"the vision"
120 x 101 cm, 2015, mixed on canvas, framed



Nr. 183,"the church of Saint Johann"
70x88cm, 1995, oil on canvas, framed



Nr. 514,"the dance"
96 x 130 cm, 2018-20, acryl and mixed on canvas, framed



Nr. 134,"sunset of Toskana"
50x36cm, 1993, gouache, framed, tendentialis


doublecry (due to war in Ex-Yugoslawia)
Nr. 216, "doublecry", 121x141cm, 1997, oil on canvas, framed

It's all very annoying. Just half a percent of global arms spending would be enough to appease world hunger. And a child starves to death every 10 seconds!
But no, the wars caused by a few poeple goes on...and the fight for resources and personal aberration goes on:



Nr. 236, "the digitization of the world"
 or "the metamorphosis of the rationalist"
81x116cm, 1997, oil on canvas, framed







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